It is a fact of life in Ithaca, New York, that our church family is in a continual state of flux. We count it a privilege to serve as a church home—a church family—to many people from across the world who sojourn here for only a few years—as well as to many for whom Ithaca is home.

In commemoration of Christ Chapel’s 30th anniversary, in December 2015, several people wrote about their experiences:

About worship:

“During our first visit it was clearly evident through the reverence of the congregation, exhibited by believers of all ages, that Jehovah God was the center of attention. Christ was uplifted through the words, both spoken and sung. The Holy Spirit was welcomed in the quality and majesty of the choral music and corporate participation. Scripture was read as authoritative and true. Thoughtful teaching was offered with clarity and without compromise.” —P.R. & B.R (2009–2014)

About Sunday School:

“Sunday school is always an interesting time at Christ Chapel. I’ve never been in a place where so many people were willing to share so much of themselves. It was clear that I was with believers who were willing to struggle with scripture, theology, and practice. Thank you for your collective earnestness toward Christ (Hebrews 12:1).” —G.R. (2004–2011)

About body life:

“One great memory, lesson, and inspiration I have taken from Christ Chapel is that a church is only as strong as its members. There are so many people at Christ Chapel that serve unselfishly, the way God calls us to!” —P.O. (1988–1992)

“Christ Chapel and its people are precious to us. There our young family was established in faith and sound doctrine, and we had the opportunity to learn to serve God’s people. After 13 years, we have yet to find another congregation where the teaching is so profound, the worship so stirring, and the fellowship so sweet.” —A.H. & K. H. (1999–2001)

“Christ Chapel became our extended family.” —M.E. & P.E. (1994–1999)

“We are so deeply grateful for the opportunity to join in marriage under the roof of Christ Chapel and with the support of such a stable and Godly church family. We have never since come across a church or a pastoral family so gifted at what they do and so effective in communicating the gospel with integrity, truth, and compassion. Thank you for being the cloud of witnesses we so desperately need and for running with perseverance the race marked out for you (Hebrews 12:1).” —S.B. & J.B. (2002–2006)

“In a world where people are very short of time and energy, Christ Chapel was a refreshing place where people gave freely of both. My most fond memories are simply of sitting downstairs with anyone and having a nice chat about the sermon, the weather, family, work, or whatever. Being a grad student at the time, I felt like I was at home among family since everyone was close to one another and enjoyed their company. I could always find someone to talk to, and religious conversation was engaging and continually stimulated me to discover more truths rather than being ambivalent about big or confusing questions of the faith. I think that is what the body of Christ is about. There was genuine love and concern for each other, with people wanting themselves and others to grow in the knowledge of Christ.” —E. R. (2004–2011)