Missions and Ministries

Christ Chapel supports missionaries and local ministries as we seek to fulfill the great commission. Our mission policy  describes our goals and selection system.

Because men and women will spend an eternity in hell without a saving relationship in Christ Jesus our Lord,
and because they will not hear unless it is told them,
andbBecause it will not be told unless someone is sent (Romans 10:14),
and because we love them,
We hereby declare our commitment to missions along the following lines:

(1) We will seek to support in our mission budget efforts whose primary purpose is to win people to Christ, and we will be receptive to their need to enter the field as secular professionals;

(2) We recognize that the field of missions begins in our community and extends throughout our own nation and beyond our borders to the entire world (Acts 1:8);

(3) We will be conscientious to practice good stewardship in our distribution of tithes and offerings, including considering indigenous missionary support;

(4) We will seek to raise up, train, and send out people from our own congregation to full-time mission service;

(5) We will create a separate ministries budget for mission-style agencies and individuals concerned primarily with the scriptural call to answer crushing human physical and spiritual needs;

(6) We will support ministry agencies on a designated/special offering basis, unless otherwise applied to the ministries budget;

(7) We will honor our existing mission relationships with individuals; and

(8) We will allocate existing funds at approximately three-quarters (3/4) missions and one-quarter (1/4) ministries and will pursue a minimum ten percent (10%) commitment of our church budget to missions/ministries.

Implementation Guidelines:

(1) The education, promotion, and recruitment of Christ Chapel’s mission and ministry work shall be the responsibility of the pastor and deacons (hereafter P&D).

(2) Mission selection process:
The demeanor of the pastor and deacon board in both diligence and graciousness shall resemble that of a pulpit committee.

(a) The P&D shall meet the candidate if at all possible;

(b) The P&D shall assess the candidate by statement of personal conversion, doctrinal compatibility to Christ Chapel, the nature of the point of service, and the adequacy of training and preparation;

(c) The P&D shall solicit and check references of the candidate; and

(d) The P&D shall devote the decision to the Holy Spirit and prayer and shall adopt a candidate only by unanimous decision.

(3) Ministry adoption process:
All requests for budget or special offering ministry support shall go through the P&D. Evaluations shall be based on adaptation of the criteria of (2) Mission selection process (above).

(4) As appropriate, opportunities, recruitments, decisions, etc. shall be communicated with the congregation, with the goal of education and inspiration of the church toward mission and ministry.

As always, it is imperative that the congregation uphold her leaders in prayer and communicate openly in the interest of fulfilling our commission as a church of Jesus Christ.

Adopted by the Board of Deacons and Pastor, March 19, 2003